Infographic: Top Ten Reasons to Invest in Peer to Business Lending

Here’s why peer to business lending is better than a bank

Peer to Business Lending is where people can lend to businesses, in order for them to get their projects off the ground, whether that be from starting a new venture or to expanding an existing office. P2B can help you achieve financing, when potentially the banks won’t lend to you.

But why should investors get involved in this?

Well, outlined below is an infographic showing you ten top reasons to do just that – number one being the high rates of return on offer. P2B and P2P are growing markets, where the investment potential is ever increasing. The peer to peer lending economy is emerging as an asset class in its own right and now is the time to take advantage of it.

Scroll down and have a look at the infographic to find out why it is such a good opportunity.

Peer to peer lending - top ten reasons to invest

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Infographic [Crowdfund Insider]


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