Barclaycard Give 10,000 Commuters bPay Bands

Londoners will get Barclaycard bPay wristbands as part of wider contactless payment rollout on TfL services

As of yesterday, travelers on the Underground can make contactless payments for journeys throughout the capital, and it seems that Barclaycard is hoping that commuters will be keen to adopt the tech to help “speed up their journeys” and avoid the dreaded ‘card clash’ by taking away the possibility that multiple cards could be read.

The bPay wristband, which allows wearers to make payments of up to £20, was officially “launched” in June of this year, with 300,000 locations across the UK enabled to accept the contactless payment option. Throughout the summer the company pushed the silicon wristbands as a safe payment option for outdoor events, handing them out for Pride in London and the British Summer Time concerts in Hyde Park.

Currently, 50 per cent of Londoners don’t have contactless-enabled cards, so its seems Barclaycard is keen to show them what they’re missing by making it available to anyone with a Visa or MasterCard debit or credit card. BPay bands don’t require wearers to have an existing Barclaycard account, but does need them to set up an online top-up account.

Wearers can use their account to manage the available funds, or arrange for an automatic transfer if the balance falls below a set figure.

The company is also offering commuters the Barclaycard PayTag, a small sticker developed to be attached to the back of customers phones to facilitate touch-free transactions. PayTag has been available to all BarclayCard customers with a Visa card since 2012, with the company inviting anyone who is interested to register to create a personalised tag on their website.

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