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Clinkle Is the Mobile Payments App That’s Already Causing A Storm

What is Clinkle and why do 100,000 people want it so badly?

Clinke, created by 22 year-old Lucas Duplan, is a mobile payments app – except, this mobile payments app has people digitally queuing up to use it when it eventually goes live.

How many people, try 100,000 people signed up to the app’s waiting list.

And here’s the kicker, nobody even knows what it is, what it does, nor how it does whatever it does. But that hasn’t stopped Duplan raising $25 million in one round of funding for his first ever startup. Nor has it stopped endorsements coming from the likes of Richard Branson who apparently just “hit it off” with Duplan when they met.

“We’ve been doing internal testing with the company until this point and are now segueing that to college testing,” Duplan told Mashable. The plan is to “begin launching at certain colleges within the next couple months.” And that’s where the wait list of 100,000 people has come from; college students, who are no doubt engaged with making payments and connecting to each other in the process.

An educated guess at the mobile payments app would suggest that it could quite possibly be some form of crowd-sourced payments alternative, or a way to quickly, securely and effectively send money to others. The weirdly aspirational promotional video located on Clinkle’s website is not only immensely vague, but it also claims that there’s a revolution coming to the payments world.

One theory on what Clinkle can do is send payments through sound. While that seems a little absurd, it could be possible, as the promo video does give off a little sound with the company logo.

That said, the company’s beliefs make it sound far more like some sort of always-connected monetary social network.

“We believe that human connection should be present in every transaction,” its brand values state. “Money isn’t just buying power, it’s a sign of appreciation — an intermediary that connects people. We want to bring surprise and joy into the experience because we believe that every transaction should, in the end, exchange something more valuable than money.”

Still, it’s mind boggling that – for a product that nobody outside of the company has seen – it has so much attention already. I suppose we’ll get our first glimpse into it all very soon though.

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