Top Crowdfunding Sites

Infographic: Top US Crowdfunding Sites

Top Crowdfunding Sites

Top US Crowdfunding Sites for Culture, Small Businesses and Much More

Crowdfunding has exploded in the last few years and brought with it new possibilities to gain funding for projects, that might otherwise not have happened. With the peer-to-peer economy now installed itself quite firmly in our life’s, the ability to gain funding for a variety of projects is literally at our fingertips. Online platforms are two a penny and with so many to choose from it is hard to know where to start!

The infographic below highlights the top sites for specific types of funding within the US. Banks are rejecting loans, which are being funded online through crowdfunding sites, such as the ones listed below, alongside bigger p2p platforms such as Lending Club and Prosper. The traditional forms of financing and fundraising are changing with the peer-to-peer economy, scroll down to find out what sites are best to secure specific types of funding.

26 Top Crowdfunding Sites to Use for Your Next Campaign #infographic
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