Nuovocard is Attempting to Bring Bitcoin into the Mainstream


Nuovocard aims to be the future of Bitcoin PoS

Trying to bring Bitcoin systems to merchants is a tough task, just ask the guys at XBTerminal, or have a word with Bitnet founder Stephen McNamara about the challenges faced by Bitcoin and merchant adoption – it’s clearly not an easy task. But that hasn’t stopped the India-based Nuovocard International from giving it a go with their new ground-breaking bitcoin mobile point of sale device and accompanying card.

The Nuovocard card is actually a standard mag-stripe card that also makes use of a QR code. This means that a user can just make payments using a traditional – or Nuovocard bespoke – PoS device, or make payments on an Android or iOS device.

Because of the way it works, this actually makes Nuovocard the first offline solution for Bitcoin, requiring absolutely zero connection to the Internet in order to pay in bitcoin. The idea is that this solution – which essentially smushes the digital currency into a pre-existing template consumers are comfortable with – should ease the adoption and payments process associated with bitcoin payments.

It also carried benefits for merchants, with immediate conversions and payout to retailers, with exchanges supporting it all around the world – lowering merchant worries about fluctuating exchange rates.

“The propagation of a revolutionary Bitcoin POS system like NuovoCard is imperative,” said Nuovocard founder Neha Arora. “For this we need all hands on deck. Hence we are sending out a loud beckon and call inviting Bitcoin Exchanges throughout the world to partner with us. This will ensure instant conversions, thereby leaving more and more happy and satisfied retailers. This can only mean more & more businesses converting to transacting in Bitcoins. A symbiotic relationship between NuovoCard and popular Bitcoin exchanges will only in turn lead to an exponential growth in digital currency users.”

To keep things secure, all transactions happen over Gmail APIs, through SSL connections with AES encryption.

To speed up the process, the Nuovocard app will be available for retailers on the App Store and Google Play store for its targeted September release. Users can also print out QR codes to use as temporary cards until a magnetic stripe card arrives in the post for them.

And, in the spirit of Bitcoin, the sign up process is anonymous for cardholders.

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