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Augmented Reality Banking is Coming

Westpack Augmented Reality Banking

Westpac New Zealand unveils an augmented reality banking app

In, what can only be described as a complete gimmick, New Zealand bank Westpac has announced that it will release a mobile banking app that makes use of augmented reality and 3D imaging to let customers check their credit and debit card balances, make payments, and find their closest branch.

“Once the app is downloaded, the relevant cards are registered and the account is set up, customers merely have to slide their credit or debit card under their phone which activates the camera,” the bank explains. “Balances, transaction history, spend locations and other information is then presented in 3D.”

So, it’s definitely not as cool as it sounds. Nor does it have the same crazy functionality as Aiden Pierce’s fictional hacktastic phone in Watch Dogs, which allows him to see how much money other people have and take it, or send money to them if he so pleases.

In essence, it seems excessive. But the plan is to have this as a basis for future innovation within the mobile and wearable technology space.

“We see a number of possibilities for it in the future,” says Westpac New Zealand’s Simon Pomeroy. “We are focused on delivering the best digital banking experience in New Zealand, and innovations like our new augmented reality app and online banking platform are significant steps toward that goal.”

We’ll see just how much it actually takes off, as augmented reality products really haven’t taken off all that well so far.

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