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PixelPinWhat is it?

PixelPin is a revolutionary new way to sign in to apps and websites using a picture instead of a password. A picture is secure, usable and easier to remember than a password.

Who is involved?

Brian Taylor, CEO & inventor

Geoff Anderson, COO & Founder

Where is it based?

London, UK

Q&A With PixelPin’s Brian Taylor

PixelPin Brian TaylorWhat’s the big problem that you solve?

“Having to remember Passwords ever again”.

PixelPin does away with Passwords and uses a personal photo to authenticate. For the overwhelming majority of organizations, user-ID and password authentication has proven to be the path of least resistance in terms of initial deployment. Countless experiences over the last decade have taught organizations that login credentials are not secure.

For consumers, it’s not easy either, considering that it’s virtually impossible for each of us to remember the numerous passwords we’re now required to use in our daily lives.

According to Microsoft, the average internet user with 25 accounts, performs 8 logins using 6.5 passwords daily. Organizations cannot adequately secure password and PIN authentication and their risk and costs are mounting at $5.5M per data breach, $15M yearly in password resets, and $60 per token replacement.

Why are you going to succeed?

PixelPin has been developed to hit the sweet spot of both simplifying authentication and simultaneously improving security and ensure user privacy.

What will you have achieved in 5 years?

World Authentication domination.

We will be on every web site and app that requires authentication, where you currently see Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Twitter et al. The major difference is users will not have their behaviour and data harvested by us and will be able to engage with organisations in a completely private manner.

We will also be the first software only solution accredited to the FIDO Alliance standards for financial transactions, so users will not even have to give away their biometrics.

You can find out more about PixelPin over on its website, or at @PixelPin on Twitter.

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