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Apple’s iOS 8 Contains Payment Easing Feature

Apple iOS 8 iPhone

Apple’s next update scans cards to aid payments

While Apple’s entry into the payments space didn’t arrive as many had predicted at its annual WWDC, it seems that payments is still very much the focus of Tim Cook’s advancements.

At least, that’s how things seem due to a discovery about iOS 8 fromĀ 9to5Mac, which sees it being able to capture credit card information from a photograph.

The new feature is tied to Apple’s Safari browser and seems to allow for the super-speedy entering of payment information when making purchases online.

While card details were previously filled out thanks to auto complete, there’s now an option to ‘Scan Credit Card’ when at a store checkout. Using the iPhone camera, you can snap a photo of your card and Apple’s optical character recognition will take over and sort text from the card into the appropriate fields. You can also save the cards you’ve scanned into Passwords and Auto Fill so you won’t have to take a photo of it again.

It also seems to be an automatic feature for iOS 8, integrating seamlessly with any website payment form – as long as the phone user does it through Safari.

As you can imagine, this can only improve eCommerce from iOS devices. Although, it’s unlikely it’ll cause an eCommerce revolution, it’s yet another sign that Apple are shifting focus onto making payments far easier on its handsets. Now we’ll just wait to see what Apple does next.

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