Petition Calls for PayPal to Enter Nigeria

Nigeria street

Someone wants PayPal to make a MINT

Nigeria is known for being the largest economy in Africa, with a huge potential for eCommerce growth that’s seen it included in this year’s upcoming economies acronym MINT (Mexico, Indonesia, Nigeria, and Turkey).

It’s odd that PayPal hasn’t already swept into this area full-force, but it seems that a Lagos, Nigeria-based design company known as Creativity Kills is aiming to bring PayPal to the region via pressure from a petition on

It’s main argument is that, what with the potential for eCommerce in Nigeria – and the lack of full PayPal use for Nigerian citizens – it’s hard for the region to really grow and expand; especially as many websites offer PayPal as the only form of payment. The petition points out that some people have managed to create accounts with PayPal by fooling it with proxies, and that there are many countries on the list of accepted territories that have far less economic clout than Nigeria.

“We have the right to carry out online transactions as much as any other country in the world,” reads the petition. “Granted, Nigeria is known for internet fraud, but not everyone in Nigeria is a fraud. There are people like us who are talented web developers and gurus. I don’t see why we have to suffer for other peoples actions.”

The petition points out that PayPal could easily partner with existing companies who have been working in the eCommerce space safely to increase safety and spread payment acceptance. It also, cleverly, points out that new banks such as GTBank would “kill to be an official PayPal partner.”

The petition’s goal is to “unlock a potential for growth in the Nigerian eCommerce system,” and it looks like others feel similar. At time of publishing, the petition sits on 437 supporters, with 63 left until it meets its goal.

And that’s when things get interesting. What can actually do to help assist the Nigerian people in their quest to get PayPal into their nation? It’s hard to imagine it having much effect on PayPal’s plans, after all, it makes little sense for them to have not already thought about entering a MINT region and controlling the growing eCommerce space from near the start.


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