Cyber Security Briefing - Cloud Software Attacks

Is Cyber Security Floating In The Sky, Rather Than Being Locked Down In The Cloud?

Cyber Security Briefing - Cloud Software Attacks

With more and more enterprises adopting cloud technology, the attacks on cloud systems are on the up.

A recent report by Alert Logic identified an increase in attacks across both cloud and on-premises systems.

The report drew on data from a customer base of 2,200 and compared its findings to last years report. Brute force attacks grew from 30 per cent to 44 per cent, whilst vulnerability scans rose from 27 per cent to 44 per cent.

The data behind the report, which is based on 232, 364 verified security incidents, identified between  April 1st and September 30th, 2013, from across a wide range of industries, categorically demonstrates the threats that cloud systems are now facing from attack. This issue is only bound to increase, as Stephen Coty, the report’s author, suggests, the convergence of attacks across all environments are because “traditional enterprise workloads are increasingly moving to the cloud”. With more and more companies adopting cloud based systems, due to modern working practices, the attacks and threat level are only going to increase.

Another significant security threat for many companies is ‘Shadow IT’, which is where employees install applications in the cloud that have not been secured by IT, therefore meaning security standards are not met. Modern working practises and giving your workforce flexibility, through implementation of cloud software brings with it, its own risks, risks which need to be addressed through application of more sophisticated security programs than previous years.

Protecting the cloud and learning about the threats that a mobile workforce face are integral to developing a clear security strategy for many companies. Join us in London on 26th June for the Cyber Security Briefing to hear from industry experts about tools you can utiliseto protect your business and what can be done to keep your information safe, both on site and in the cloud.

Cyber Security Briefing 26th June

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