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Infographic: NFC and its Role in Moulding the Future of Payments

NFC, the past, present and future

As I’ve said on many an occasion, the future of payments is changing. It’s an ever evolving landscape that is relatively uncertain. However, it’s clear that there are trends that point towards where the future could lie.

For instance, take a look at NFC technology that’s pervaded society. While Bluetooth Low Energy could well be a slice of the future, it’s clear that NFC has had a real impact on how payments is shaping up. NFC terminals are almost everywhere, used on advertisements on the street, utilised in some shop windows to allow people to make purchases outside of store hours, used as a means for transport ticketing, and – most commonly – as a retailers POS. It’s the crux on which mobile payments and mobile wallets have been built, and it’ll continue to be a relevant part of the future of payments.

Even if Apple doesn’t seem interested in making it a permanent feature of their phones and tablets, NFC use has gone up.

The below infographic, produced by Total Payments, charts some of NFC’s successes in payments, and makes short predictions as to where it’ll take us in the future.

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NFC's Role in Payments Infographic

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