paypal bill payment

PayPal Opens Up New Restaurant Payment Features

paypal bill payment

PayPal expands beyond simple payments

PayPal is, yet again, expanding it’s offerings beyond simple payments and mobile transfers. While it’s not expanding upon it’s Beacon service, it is moving closer to becoming far more ubiquitous in the world of consumer payments.

It’s latest venture, an upgrade to its app that allows pre-ordering and paying at table functions for use in restaurants, should help many customers.

Currently customers can order takeaway from Japanese food chain, Wagamama, allowing for customers to order ahead and pay with PayPal all through the PayPal app. Plans are to expand this to other PayPal restaurant partners. Likewise, Prezzo diners can pay for their meal and split bills at restaurants – again, it should expand to other partners soon.

Just like PayPal’s trialled ‘Check In’ system, users will need to verify themselves before PIN entry occurs and payment is accepted.

While these consumer-centric options for payments don’t really change the industry, they are a deliberate effort to shift attention away from the startups of the world and back onto PayPal. It’s certainly a smart move, especially as we move into a world dominated by mobile payments. Feature-rich services will undeniably win the battle against everyone else.

PayPal’s trouble is, it’s largely seen as the buying and selling money transfer tool of Ebay. It may have a huge network, but it needs these mobile features to tear a niche in the market.

What are your thoughts on this new endeavour?

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