10 Asian eCommerce Leaders Worth Following on Twitter

10 Asia's e-Commerce Leaders Worth Following on Twitter

It’s an indisputable fact that eCommerce in Asia is on a trail-blazing path towards a booming social commerce economy

According to TechinAsia’s Techlist, more than half a billion dollars have been invested into South East Asia’s e-Commerce start-ups in 2013. Despite claims that e-Commerce in the region is still underdeveloped; the increasing mobile penetration rates, 3G mobile coverage, overall internet users amongst many other factors in the technology sphere, continues to challenge performance expectations in the region when taking the aspects of profitability and sustainability into consideration.

ECommerce leaders in Asia are starting to make their presence felt in the online community, especially in social networking sites. To elaborate, let’s take a look at 10 e-Commerce leaders in Asia eager to further develop their ideas and spread awareness over the fertility of eCommerce in the Asia region, starting with Twitter.

  • Hiroshi Mikitani (@hmikitani): Rakuten’s CEO and Chairman, Hiroshi Mikitani leads the world’s third largest e-Commerce company. Despite the fact that most of his tweets are in Japanese, we think he is a must-follow for everyone who is interested in Asia’s booming e-Commerce market.
  • Damien Cummings (@DamienCummings): As the Vice President and the Chief Marketing Officer at Philips ASEAN & Pacific, Damien Cummings has over 20 years of experience in the marketing industry, with specific expertise in digital marketing, e-Commerce, social media, communications & brand building.
  • Nazar Musa (@nazmusa): NazarMusa is the Regional CEO of Southeast Asia for LivingSocial. His experience in the travel and tourism industry spans across the world. Prior to serving as the Regional CEO, he joined LivingSocial in 2011 to develop their ‘Escapes Travel Business’ in the Middle East.
  • Amod Malviya (@amodm): Amod Malviya, the SVP and Head of Engineering at Flipkart.com, is the man behind the online retailer’s innovations aimed at helping the company differentiate itself from rivalling competitors.
  • Rostin Javadi (@rostinjavadi): Rostin Javadi is currently the Managing Director of Zalora Malaysia. He spearheads operations and process optimisation at the widely popular e-Commerce company.
  • Howie Chang (@howiec): Howie Chang, Director of Product Management at RedMart started out with a passion in the digital world and enjoys designing interfaces, products and services for start-ups of all shapes and sizes. Currently, he is responsible for the creation and execution of RedMart’s customer facing product roadmap and assists in the overall strategic vision of the company.
  • Donald Piret (@donaldpiret): As the CTO for Roomorama, Donald Piret oversees the technological developments of the company. You can follow him on Twitter to be constantly updated on how the team is working with data analytics, learning algorithms among many other things to offer a personalised shopping experience to users.
  • Wahyudi Wahyudi (@wahyudi): As the founder and CEO of Yotomo, the passionate Indonesian entrepreneur combines technology with innovative ideas to provide solutions and drive social change in the e-Commerce market. He is also a fervent supporter of start-up companies and teaches kids how to code in his spare time. Show some love by following him on Twitter!
  • Keith Ng (@keith_ng): Keith Ng, CEO of Gametize explores the various and multi-faceted aspects of “gamification” with a heavy focus in mobile and Asia. The gamification company recently won the People’s Vote award at IBM’s ASEAN Smartcamp 2013. As an ardent believer of gamification, Keith also believes that the concept of gaming will be the next frontier for e-Commerce strategies in the not too distant future.
  • Yiping Goh (@Yipinggoh): As the Co-Founder of All Deals Asia, Yiping Goh is versatile and highly creative across various areas in mobile, wireless, internet, augmented reality and logistic businesses. She has been creating and running new ventures in the IT industry since 2003.

This is a guest post by Hanis Jazil, Online Community Executive at Terrapinn.

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