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Infographic: The Future of the Mobile Wallet

Mobile wallets have evolved over time, but what does the future really hold for them?

At the start of the month I wrote about mobile wallets, mobile payments, and how the payments industry really needed to sit down and rebuild the mobile wallet from the ground up.

While a lot of you certainly gave that a good read, it’ll be interesting to really see if anything ever manages to achieve the success needed for mobile wallets to take off. There are certainly some examples of apps that have the right idea, but nothing has quite made it thus far.

So, here’s an infographic about the future of the mobile wallet; providing a brief look at some of the issues that currently hamper the mobile wallet ecosystem, before moving forwards to glimpse at how the future could pan out.

You can click on the infographic below for a bigger version.

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What are your thoughts on the future of the mobile wallet?

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