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KLM Introduces Payment via Social Media

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Dutch Airline KLM hits Facebook and Twitter in a new move to accept mobile payments

Flights can be a pain to organise, and when you’ve got to get a business trip or last-minute escape sorted while in a hurry – or away from your computer – it can seem like quite the farce. Thankfully, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines has found a way to make this whole process a darn sight simpler, and that’s by letting users pay through social media channels.

As the first airline in the world to accept such a method of payment from customers, KLM allows users to book or rebook a flight, make seat reservations or even add extra baggage to their trip.

The new service piggybacks off the pre-existing ability to arrange extra services through Twitter and Facebook – with payment taking place over the phone. So, after customer feedback, being able to pay through a similar method has been implemented into the social media service. For both KLM and the customer, it’s a far better way to provide a customer service as it operates solely through the social media channel of their choice.

But how does it work from a payments perspective?

Well, it’s kind of a cop-out as all that happens is that KLM privately messages the customer with a link that then allows them to select a preferred payment method and complete the transaction. The confirmation of payment is sent via the platform of choice too.

It’s certainly an ingenious way to interact with customers and create payments on their terms, and it also manages to solve some of the issues around creating a separate mobile app for the purpose. Perhaps it’ll become far more integrated if the rumours around Twitter entering the eCommerce game becomes true.

Still, with 130 social media agents at KLM, answering around 35,000 queries on Facebook and Twitter each week, it seems to make sense to at least offer some form of payment through this medium.

Can you see others following suit?
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  1. mark

    id like to make use of this system for my clients to pay for roadside assistance packages, how do I get more info on this. please advise

    1. Author
      Vaughn Highfield

      Hi Mark, I’d advise heading on over to the KLM website and getting in touch with them through their contact information there.

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