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An Interactive History of Bitcoin

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Bitcoin has gone through many ups and downs, but it’s also evolved since its 2007 origins

Bitcoin hasn’t even been around for ten years, yet it’s managed to have a huge impact on how the world views the possibilities of the Internet and the future of commerce and payments. Nobody knows quite where the digital currency will actually end up, but so far it’s had quite the lifespan.

Many retailers have begun to accept the coin, and security around it has been questioned and strengthened in equal measure. But, no matter what, it’s growth has been undeniable since the anonymous creator “Satoshi Nakamoto” first began “mining” coins to be used and sold into the wider world.

To help understand just how far Bitcoin has come and to give you some background knowledge on what the currency is actually all about, Rob Lons has created this handy interactive guide for you.

Speaking to Mashable, Lons said that he became “captivated by the concept” around Bitcoin and wanted to learn more, citing the reason that there was no central hub that told the story of Bitcoin as to why he created the History of Bitcoin.

“I wanted to know more about the early days of Bitcoin,” said Lons. “After seeing the lack of information on [the Bitcoin Wiki] and how little concentrated information there was on the history of Bitcoin, I felt it would be an important endeavour.”

Lons is no stranger to the world of Bitcoin either, confessing that he was amongst the ‘newbies’ who discovered the currency during it’s 2013 resurgence. He now works for selling internet services to Bitcoin companies. Because of this, he feels his work is important in educating others into what Bitcoin is really all about – especially due to it’s generally poor press thanks to the world of drugs and potential money laundering that goes on behind the service.

Below you can see the timeline that Lons spent his time creating for History of Bitcoin. Just scroll through to find out how far the digital currency has come.

[Image: BTC Keychain - Flickr]

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