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Twitter Could Let Users Pay For Goods Via its Services

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Twitter could well be looking to enable users to pay for goods via its own service

Twitter, the social network comprised of sending 140-character long messages out for all to see, is rumoured to be looking into generating money through enabling tweeters to purchase products directly through the service.

This move comes in due to its recent IPO listing and a need to generate money to satisfy shareholders. While most of this is coming in through adverts on the service and promoted tweets, enabling users to pay for goods without navigating away or fumbling around for information, should also be a great way to drive some money into the business – especially as it makes it even more attractive for advertisers.

The proposed model would be a marketplace platform that’s akin to ‘Square Market‘. Obviously this comes as little surprise due to the fact that Twitter chairman, Jack Dorsey, is the CEO of Square. But still, this isn’t a competing market, more of a complimentary one.

Users could store their card information securely, allowing for swift payments to be made in the service. Currently users can make payments via some Hashtags if their card enables them to. However under this new service, Twitter would be little more than a shop front, meaning that someone else would be handling the back end payments issues.

Still, these are just rumours at the moment, with nothing really being confirmed. Tech Crunch seems to have the skinny on most of what’s supposedly going on, but it looks as if Twitter has been talking to PayPal and Stripe on the matter of payments processing, but Square could well be a good bet – especially if there’s a slight crossover in interests between the companies.

What’s your take on this rumour? Does it make sense for Twitter to help facilitate payments? is it really that important?

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