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5 Ways That Wearable Tech Will Change Payments

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Wearable tech could change how users think, interact, and make payments in the near future

At this year’s International CES, wearable technology was the hot topic of discussion. You weren’t able to move for the likes of smartwatches, bracelets, glasses, headsets, headphones and rings that are all ‘smart’.

However, because of these brand new innovations in wearable tech – which will no doubt become something entirely more refined in the coming years – the pesky problem of how payments of the future may be made is becoming increasingly realistic.

It won’t be long before we’re able to pay for everything without ever needing to take our wallets out, tap our phones next to pads, or really even look at a screen and enter a PIN or signature. The future of wearable tech facilitates these Blade Runner or Minority Report-esque visions of the future.

So, we’ve put together a look at the 5 ways that wearable tech will change the payments scene.

Read on to see how wearables can change how the world makes payments >

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