‘Works With Square’ Set to Help Square Gain Acceptance Everywhere

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‘Works With Square’, a new campaign for third-party peripherals, looks to help Square gain acceptance everywhere.

As 2014 kicks off, Square has set out to ensure that it’s the year we all start using its MPOS service with wild, childish, abandon, thanks to a new campaign known as ‘Works With Square’.

While stores who accept the quadrilaterally-named payments system could do so through attaching a square Square reader to a mobile device – usually an iPhone – or use a bespoke iPad-enabled POS if they have the space for one, the San Francisco-based payments company has opened up the floor to third-party peripheral manufacturers.

Why is this a big deal for payments, you ask?

Well, taking a leaf from Apple’s book, with its ‘Made for iPhone’ programme, the ‘Works With Square’ campaign will help install trust in users minds when they are making a payment on an otherwise unfamiliarly looking device. It also means that the cost of using Square could be far more attractive to business owners if the MPOS and POS terminals are cheaper to adopt.

Naturally, this means that customers are far more likely to come into contact with Square and, with increased branding, may well feel far more comfortable in making payments through the service too.

It’s really a win-win situation for merchants, MPOS payments services, and Square.

The first accessory set to launch is an iPhone case from Griffin that both protects the phone and contains the card reader, while holding it in place when it’s in use too.

Of course, it’s all still in the pipeline, and Square hasn’t spoken about what else is to come, but it looks like things could really expand for Square in 2014.

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