Are Biometrics Foolproof?

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It should be clear by now that the progress of technology today advances at a rapidly alarming rate and having said that, how can security measures be taken to bolster defences against the generation of cyber criminals, hackers and just about anyone with elaborate schemes where information can be easily obtained?

Although biometric technology may seem to be the most advanced form of security to date; the ultimate question at the back of my mind is…

"Are Biometrics Foolproof?"

I'd love to answer straight off the bat but the way I picture the seemingly impenetrable defences of advanced biometric systems and technology, it is simply too gruesome to behold.

That aside, the initiation of such technology is expected to be infallible. Biometric Technology suggests a unique concept of preventing identity replication and in the ideal world; the eradication of fraud, impersonation, misrepresentation and all sorts of deceit induced behaviour among society.

The truth is, security is meant to be inconvenient and requires constant monitoring and development to fight against necessary evil. As such, technology presents itself as the neutral mercenary to the learned mind and if that's the case, why should anyone bother adopting biometric solutions especially when it requires constant updates to deter the mischievous individual?

Companies that specialize in the field of biometrics have to continually prepare themselves and also strive to be ahead of the curve especially when outdated security systems can be fooled easily.

This is a guest post by Hanis Jazil

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