Are These the Most Extravagant Credit Cards Ever Made?

Hercules Rosan Diamond feature

Credit cards are usually emblazoned with names that suggest opulence and wealth. You've got platinum and gold cards, cards that use simple designs to make bold statements, and cards reserved for only the most exclusive of members.

But in the end, they're all pretty much made of plastic and nothing more.

Well, Russian payment solutions company Rosan Diamond has stepped in to up the game and deliver some of the most extravagant credit cards around.

Just taking a look at their website shows you some of the insane designs they hold, crafted from gold, pearls, and precious gems.

Their Gold Cards – the Art Collection – all have full certification from Visa, and all of their cards are only available to the top echelons of society from the most prestigious banks in the world.

It's all a little bit too gaudy for my taste, but each to their own.

Total Asset also has an interview with Rob Clark, director of Rosan Diamond, if you’re curious about how this all came about.

Would you feel comfortable making a payment using one of these cards?


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  1. Basat Akson

    Credit cards should not have a value of their own because they are one of the most popular lost/stolen items in the world. Also, banks put expiration dates on cards. Imagine the frustration of paying silly amounts for every 3 to 4 years.

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