Download: 12 Must-Know Innovative Banks in Asia

Download eBook: Staff picks: 12 must-know innovative banks in Asia

With many banks shaping up product innovation and churning out impressive technological infrastructure and capabilities, what is it really for? Is it the way to remain relevant in the ever changing digital age or is simply just a knee-jerk reaction induced among people with scattering ideas on how they can get more people to buy their product?

Paperless banking, internet banking, digital tokens and all sorts of innovative product development have managed to be adopted rapidly into the majority of banks we see today. Granted, these are stellar methods in aligning with the current generation of customers driven by information, spoilt by choice and their influential camaraderie.

In this eBook, we profiled 12 banks in Asia that have combined the essence of creative flair with strategic placement of ideas in their approach in the next generation of future banks.

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Some of the banks included are:

  • Baiduri Bank, Brunei
  • China Merchants Bank, China
  • ICICI Bank, India
  • Bank Mualamat,Indonesia
  • Jibun Bank, Japan

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As quoted by The Little Black Book of Innovation:

"Innovation is a process that combines discovering an opportunity, blueprinting an idea to seize that opportunity, and implementing that idea to achieve results. Remember — no impact, no innovation"

The future of banks isn't necessarily about being at the forefront of embracing technology but to rather strategically assess how it can strive to make an impact on their customers and provide solutions instead of blatantly keeping up with the current score.

Enjoy the read!

[The eBook and blog post is contributed by Hanis Jazil]

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