Soon to be Crowned as eCommerce King of Asia?


According to a study by eMarketer, eB2C e-Commerce in Asia Pacific is expected to grow rapidly with China leading the region's growth, This is further proven by China's Ministry of Commerce's announcement that online retail sales in China increased by 67.5% in 2012 to more than 1.3 trillion yuan ($209.7 billion). And that e-Commerce business giant; Alibaba Group facilitated $173 billion worth of sales in 2012 which is worth more than the value of eBay and Amazon combined together!

Last month, Alibaba decided to increase its branding presence and customer support by opening an office for its Taobao Marketplace in Singapore as a central hub for Southeast Asia.

Eddie Wu, Senior VP of Alibaba Group stated that:

“Singapore is the ideal location from which to explore opportunities for businesses within the Southeast Asian region to find their place within our platforms. Our platforms serve a community of more than 500 million registered users and have contributed to millions of related businesses and industries. The potential for local users in Singapore exists and we’re looking forward to growing together with local businesses and consumers.”

Also, the group announced plans to invest $16 billion on logistics and support in an attempt to revolutionize China's retail industry by shipping more products to more people at a faster rate.

The approach that Alibaba Group uses to its advantage is that it doesn't just limits itself being ‘just another e-Commerce company' but rather; it strives to consistently make overall improvements with Alipay, slated to be the future PayPal of Asia.

It's evident that over the past decade, China is hard-pressed for a holistic reform in the popular belief that many people regard products and services that are "Made in China" to an "Innovated in China" approach.

And it's exciting to see how China is able to live with such expectations especially with companies like Alibaba being at the forefront of exemplary enterprises worldwide as well as paving the way for the potential infrastructure of technology in the Asia region.

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This is a guest post by Hanis Jazil.

[Image: Clive Darra - Flickr]

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