Mastercard Cashless WFP

5 Invaluable Budgeting Apps For Saving Money

Mastercard Cashless WFP

There’s a lot of talk about a cashless society looming and gaining recognition worldwide.

Honestly, it’s nothing new. But it’s definitely a nifty approach to monetizing business models – especially when there’s a common perception that consumers want speedy transactions, easy accessibility to cashless platforms, and a comprehensible rewards system.

A cashless society has tremendous potential in improving lives and economical growth but it’s important that as technology becomes widely embraced, there should be an emphasis for financial literacy and responsibility to be inculcated in the average consumer’s spending behaviour.

In the digital world today; it’s easy to get carried away when you’re busy waving your NFC-enabled phone and tapping on your mobile device for a quick transaction, only to end up with a ridiculous bill amount by the end of the month.

So, how much are you exactly saving with cashless payments?

To help you save more, I found five quality budget and expenditure applications that you can use:

1. Toshl Finance:

Toshl Finance is incredibly versatile, with the ability to sync your budgeting information through Android, iOS, Windows and Symbian networking systems. It’s professionally designed with cute infographics and sports an intuitive user interface. It even won the Europas Award for Best Commerce, Finance or Payments Start-ups in January 2013!



Fans of Apple devices can truly appreciate this well-designed and easy-to-use application that specialises in effortlessly tracking one’s income and expenses. Its minimalist design that incorporates a series of pie-charts makes it easy on the eye and appealing to use. Also, there’s no need to submit personal banking information to use this beautiful application.


3. Expensify:

While not exactly a new piece of software, Expensify has made vast improvements since 2008 and is widely available on the iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows and Palm. Its key feature is the SmartScan service which works by scanning unattached receipts and automatically generating an expense report and tracking mileage entry.


4. Next:

Among the competition, Next is the easiest to use among the rest by utilizing a series of grids with clean icons representing a certain type of expense. It’s more suited for those who only want to see where their money goes through simple and elegant statistics. Unfortunately, Next is only available on iOS devices.


5. Dollarbird:

Dollarbird is a unique combination of a smart calendar as well as an expense tracking application and forecasts expenditure. It’s powerful and flexible enough for users that appreciate financial breakdowns in calendar format. It’s too bad that it’s only available on iOS devices.

Are you using any of these apps? Share with us your feedback and user experience!


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This was a guest post by Hanis Jazil.

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