Google Wallet’s New Update Could Make it One Killer App

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On Tuesday, Google announced a new version of its Google Wallet app on Android.

While Google has ventured into the email-based payment method, favoured by PayPal, by integrating payments into Gmail, NFC is still the first and foremost way Google Wallet will be working.

However, while NFC still plays a big role, Google Wallet 3.1 now lets you scan barcodes on products so all Android users can earn points on loyalty cards at checkout.

Speaking over on the Google Commerce blog, director of product management for Google Wallet, Peter Hazelhurst went onto describe this new feature – while also reassuring readers that NFC is still a key piece of technology.

This new tech means that customers can load up their loyalty cards to to their phone and leave them at home while just scanning products on checkout tor earn points.

The tech is even going to be integrated into Google's fantastic Google Now service on Android – alerting users when they could save money with their loyalty card at a nearby store.

It's a great new feature for Google Wallet, one that's sure to increase its adoption rate. The most interesting aspect out of all of this is that due to Apple's reluctance to integrate NFC into the new iPhone 5c and 5s handsets means that Google Wallet can now work on those phones.

That's if Apple let them mind.

It would give iPhone users a reliable payment application that Apple currently doesn't have in place, as the Passbook is really only used for loyalty cards and boarding passes etc.

Do you think this is a smart avenue for Google Wallet to go down?

Could you see its adoption rate increasing when this rolls out as a feature?


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