Gemalto Presentation: NFC Business Models

NFC business models

According to Digital Trends, one of the reasons prepaid mobile payment solutions can work in emerging markets is that more people own mobile phones than have bank accounts. Where consumers in developed markets like North America and Europe typically have a selection of bank accounts (say checking and savings) and maybe some sort of online payment service (PayPal, Amazon, even Google Checkout), many consumers in developing nations don't have any of that. Their per-capita income is far lower than their counterparts in developed nations, and in many cases banking infrastructure is too distant, unreliable, or simply non-existent. It doesn't do you much good to put your money in a bank if you have to walk six hours both ways to do anything with it. Read more

Antoine Thomas from Gemalto (an international digital security company providing software applications, secure personal devices such as smart cards and tokens in addition to managed services) joined other industry leaders at Cards and Payments Africa earlier on this year and discussed NFC business models.  Download the presentation here

Key Points he Discussed:

  • Key Business Drivers
  • Mobile NFC business outlook: Bank
  • Key learnings from early developments
  • A modular architecture
  • Beyond MNO TSM
  • TSM Models: French
                               United States
  • Key success factors
  • NFC adoption challenge

Download the presentation here

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