Cards and payments breakfast talk a success!

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Early morning nine o' clock, colleagues and I huddled into the meeting room to get ready to welcome our guests to the Cards and Payments Breakfast Talk. We had representatives from the financial services industry and Singapore's transport industry. Last week's talk was by Richard Hartung, trainer for the 3 Day MBA in Cards and Payments course by Terrapin Training.

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Breakfast Talks give first-hand insight to Terrapinn Training courses. A one-and-a-half-hour taster session really, to see what's covered in the courses, how it is covered and by whom it is covered. A great way to know if training courses are suitable for your company and professional needs.

Friday's talk was on Cards and Payments. Mr Hartung ran though what he would in his course briefly. In his course, he makes sure that everyone understands the basics and then he builds from there. The economics of payments to the marketing of the card; strategic approaches in the business to be efficient is also important to him. He helps us make use of our advantages to grow and learn to protect ourselves from fraud. Altogether, the course takes a dynamic approach to the business of cards and payments. All these in a breakfast talk, what more could you learn at the full 3-day course?

And perhaps the key edge to the training course is the experience that Mr Hartung has in the Asian market. Developed over the 20 years he's been in the industry, he is able to explain and cater and customize solution suggestions to your industry when he understands your focus and objectives. As a trainer, he is able to cater to people from different levels and departments in the industry. And you need not be afraid if you're equipped enough to attend it, whether or not you've have worked in areas concerning cards and payments or if you are just new to the industry.

There's so much more to learn from the course and our trainer…

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