PayPal Test Facial Recognition For Payments

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That's a slightly misleading title. Not intentionally though, but after the news last week that Finnish company Uniqul were working on a facial recognition payments system, you'd be forgiven for thinking PayPal were dong the same.

Instead, this new payment method from PayPal actually comes from their Check In service that lets users just use their phone to register at a store.

The new service, which revolves around a user ‘checking in' to a participating retailer – thus bringing up their name and their photo onto the cashier’s screen – lets users pay for products via PayPal without the need to take their wallet out with them or use their mobile phone.

The tests have started in London in the borough of Richmond upon Thames and includes 12 different merchants in the area.

Of course, facial recognition only gets you so far when the world of technology isn't there to help work out who you are, as this creepy information security video shows only too well.

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