Seamless Payments and Cross-Border Shopping

Now, more than ever, shoppers are making purchases from other countries to obtain the items they want the most. It’s during these moments that customers – and merchants – want a seamless payment experience no matter where they are in the world.

Thankfully, PayPal – one of the 10 most popular payment services in the world – along side other online payment services, provides this.

Once you look past the rather unsettlingly strange presenter, PayPal make a rather convincing case for why it may well be a grand idea to do away with currency conversion fees and instead let consumers embrace cross-border shopping securely.

At this year’s Total Payments Europe event – part of Europe’s Customer Festival – discussions will be held around just how important creating a seamless payments environment could be.

You can, and should, take a look at the agenda by downloading the brochure for free today.

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