Top 10 Total Payments Posts of 2013 (So Far)

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We're at the point of no return now (not that you could return anyway, unless you had some sort of time machine) as we're over halfway through 2013! Where exactly did all that time go?

So, as a little roundup for the end of H1, here are the ten most popular posts on Total Payments that you may well have missed!

Time to get back up to speed.


10. Top mPOS Players in Asia


Mobile point-of-sale platforms are an ideal cost-effective solution, especially for small to mid-sized merchants and independent businesses in Asia that accept credit and debit payments.

Here's a quick guide to the leading mPOS solutions providers who have ventured into Asia and how you can make the most of this lucrative market.

Read on to find out more.


9. What Do Mobile Bank Users Want in the Future?

FICO Mobility Infographic 2013-page-0

It's hard to tell exactly what mobile bank users actually want from their smartphones, but with the mobile banking revolution steadily on the rise, it's about time we all found out what they're thinking.

Thankfully, prediction analysts FICO has put together a wonderful infographic detailing what mobile banking customers actually think and want from their mobile banking services.

Read on to find out more with this handy infographic.


8. Dave Birch: Not Just Contactless, but M&S Contactless

NFC terminal

After the reports of Marks and Spencer customers, along with Pret A Manger ones, inadvertendly having their contcatless enabled cards charge when they were inexplicably nowhere near the NFC reader, ConsultHyperion director and payments guru, Dave Birch, set out to find the truth behind the whole ordeal.

Read on to find out exactly what he concluded in his adventure with NFC and retail.


7. 3 Things That Could Affect the Future of Payments

Bank of America

The future of payments is hard for anyone to predict, but with the payments landscape changing, what could the future hold? In the ‘50s and ‘60s plastic quickly became popular and now it seems that digital payments could be the future.

Read on to see the three things that could affect the future of payments.


6. UAE is Ready to Tap and Go

Gemalto Tap and Go

A Dubai street survey by Gemalto reveals that UAE citizens have an overwhelming appetite for contactless technologies through their bank cards and directly from their mobile phones. The enthusiasm extends beyond the replacement of cash and encompasses a whole host of other applications including public transport, loyalty schemes and e-tickets for music and sporting events.

Read on to find out what UAE citizens think of NFC tech and take a look at a very informative infographic. 


5. Has Google Solved the Problem With Mobile Payments?

Google Wallet Gmail

Mobile money is big business, people are making more and more payments through mobile money services and are paying for goods and transferring money between each other with ease. While mobile payments are most definitely here to stay, Google foresaw the future two years ago stating that they would "make your phone your wallet." Finally, it looks as if Google could have found a way around the restrictions levied onto them from manufacturers and phones without NFC devices.

Read on to discover if Google really have managed to find a solution to the restrictions of mobile payments.


4. China's M-Commerce Set to Hit $27.1 Billion in 2014


China is a fast-growing market and its mobile commerce infrastructure is on target to explode in 2014, pushing it into territories beyond what even the US is capable of – thus providing an incredibly lucrative market for mobile payments platforms.

Read on to see a brilliant infographic surrounding the potential that the Chinese m-commerce market holds.


3. What Social Media Users Really Think About Mobile payments

Social media mobile payments consumers

Having tracked social media conversations about the world of mobile payments, this study finds that there's a high volume of interest in adopting mobile payments. That said, there's also a lot of confusion over the wide array of choices available, along with scepticism over security and widespread adoption. Perhaps a more unified method is best for the customer?

Read on to take a look at an insightful infographic of the study's results.


2. Top 10 Influencers in European Emerging Payments

MasterCard Visa Pile

Who do you turn for your mobile, contactless and card payment blogging fix? Naturally, Total Payments is your first port of call – so we'll spare you the expense of seeing us at the top of the list and instead put out the ten people in Europe who have the biggest clout in the world of payments blogging and information.

Read on to discover the full list of 10 influential bloggers and payments experts.


1. 5 Key  Predictions for the Payment Industry in 2013

2013 sparkler (flickr - Prozac74)

Seeing as the start of 2013 heralded a smorgasbord of posts declaring what 2013 will hold for the payments industry, we decided to have a crack at it ourselves. Now you can revisit and see just how accurate we were. You'll laugh, you'll cry (probably with laughter), but ultimately you'll come away enriched.

Read on to see what we thought the best predictions of 2013 were.

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