Forget NFC enabled phones… Try NFC watches instead

smart watch sony

With the disappointing rate of adoption of NFC payments via smartphones, perhaps the future of NFC lies not in mobile phones, but wearable devices instead. It's been said again and again: paying with your NFC enabled phone is only marginally more convenient than reaching for your credit card, so customers have not been compelled to make the switch. Enter the smart watch: something you won't leave the house without; easily accessible; and hard to lose as it is strapped to your wrist. This might just be the next device to drive NFC adoption. An NFC enabled watch could easily act as your bus pass, key card, or your wallet.

Big players like Samsung, Sony, Google, Apple are all betting on wearable devices which IMS Research predicts will exceed a market worth of $6 billion by 2016. Mashable reported that Apple has actually filed for an "iWatch" trademark in Japan, Google is reportedly working on a smart watch model, and Sony has already released the SmartWatch 2 with NFC.

Could the future of NFC be with wearable devices rather than mobile phones? Or are you still sceptical that NFC will ever take off? Share your comments with us below.

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