Dave Birch’s ‘Decline and Fall Guy’: Chapter 3–Black Beans

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Black Beans

Chapter 3: Black Beans

I took a different route back to the hotel. A basic precaution, but the sort of thing that a lot of beginners forget. I was racking my brains as I walked. Who was it who had tried to make me use cash? The more I thought about it, the longer the list of suspects. The ATM guys? The cash-in-transit guys? The security guards union, local #198? The drug cartels? Or maybe one of those fancy-schmancy accountants who help the big guys to smurf out the cabbage through overseas branches and then bring it all back without paying tax? My head was hurting.

I pulled out my phone and began to thumb through the headlines. Then I saw something that pulled me up short. I love Manhattan. I love Chipotle. And I love mobile payments. So when I read that Chipotle had a new app so that you could order and pay for the food with your phone, I couldn’t think about anything else. I had to try it. I went into Starbucks, ordered a coffee and sat down. I connected to the free Wi-Fi and then ran up a VPN through Toronto. Again basic precaution, again the sort of thing that a lot of beginners forget. It was only then that I went to the app store and pulled down the new toy. Once it was loaded, I powered it up with my Simple card details, finished my coffee and left, deliberately walking away from the Chipotle on Madison. I went back around the block and crouched hidden in a doorway. I pulled out the phone and ran the app.

It all worked perfectly. I ordered, giving the name Theogenes de Montford, then I walked in like I owned the place and went to the register to bring home the burrito. Love the smell of beef, sour cream and salsa. I had not even smelt cash all day. My card had worked, my phone had worked, my app had worked. Even though I’d had to turn on data roaming, so the burrito cost me about $200, I felt I was ahead of the game.

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This guest post was written by Consult Hyperion's David Birch, this is an adapted version of a post that has previously appeared at Chyp.com's blog.

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