Taking Mobile POS Into the Open Source Market

Taking Mobile POS Into the Open Source Market

Mobile payments provider Handpoint has decided to release the code for its mobile POS technology to the market as an open source application.

The move is designed to help expand the adoption rate of Handpoint's system while allowing developers and businesses to create their own payment systems that are ideal for their needs. This means that they won't be paying for a service that isn't exactly what they want or need.

Essentially it removes the ‘one-size-fits-all' idea that permeates the mPOS payments industry so far.

The obvious attraction of this model over previous ones is that now a developer or business can create a bespoke system and interface, thus helping their business seem far more seamless to customers. The system also allows for rapid localisation of mPOS across multiple countries where different languages and taxes are very important factors to implement.

It also takes the pressure off security issues and handling a separate payments system that takes customers away from an immersive experience within an app or even the merchant leaving their own ordering an management systems.

"Handpoint is dedicated to making it as simple as possible for everyone to use mPOS," said Handpoint's CEO and co-founder David Gudjonsson. "By removing security as an issue and open sourcing our app code, we're giving businesses and developers unprecedented freedom and flexibility to build the apps they need and to significantly reduce the time and cost it takes to roll out mPOS.

"We're looking forward to seeing what people will create with the combination of our code and how creative people can be with our code combined with rock solid P2PE security."

It's a wonder if other companies will follow suit to open up their software in hope that customers come on board and make the most of a stable and secure system at an attractive adoption price.

What are your thoughts on providing an open source payment solution?


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