PayPal Target Youth For Future of Payments

Payments company PayPal have started Battle Hack in a bid to inspire and capture youth into becoming interested in a career in app development – specifically PayPal’s app development.

The competition, designed to be a greulling battle between nations for the greatest ‘hacker’ in the world – although I’m sure that someone should point out to them that hackers don’t really create programmes, more break them.

Offering up a prize of $100,000 to the winner, along with an axe-shaped trophy and a Raspberry Pi computer, the aim seems to be to capture the youth talent and channel it into becoming the future of PayPal development – helping fuel their app infrastructure and innovate beyond their already expansive product range.

It’s a very clever campaign, especially as it draws upon everything stereotypically associated with the geekery surrounding hacker culture: video game, anime, music and film references feature plenty over on ther Battle Hack website.

But most importantly of all, PayPal have found a way to get those who will shape the future of technology interested in the payments market.

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