Download: VocaLink Report Into Mobile Banking and Payments Usage

VocaLink mobile payments usage

VocaLink study shows the attitudes UK consumers have towards mobile payments and banking in 2013

VocaLink’s research, which was conducted with 10,000 UK citizens between the ages of 16-65 is one of the largest pieces of research into mobile banking and payments usage.

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The aim of the research was to discover and understand the usage and attitudes to mobile payments and banking in both general and specific scenarios, exploring consumer’s views on aspects of trust, reliability and security.

By downloading this report you’ll find out:

  • Which mobile banking provider is used the most in the UK
  • The reasons why people like mobile banking over other methods
  • The factors that discourage non-users from taking up mobile banking
  • How interested people are in using mobile payments
  • What goods people would expect to buy with mobile payments

Download VocaLink Report Now >

You can view an infographic regarding VocaLink’s findings here>

You can read a guest post from VocaLink’s Paul Stoddart here>

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