Google Snuff Checkout As They Push Google Wallet

Google Snuff Checkout As They Push Google Wallet (Image: Flickr)

Google, the search engine-cum-computing giant, have been pushing their way into the payments space for a while now and their latest move is to kill off Google Checkout as focus switches to the mobile and email payments service Google Wallet.

Having launched in 2006 as a Google-flavoured alternative to Ebay's PayPal, Checkout was initially free to use and allowed for users to regulate payments.

Soon after a tiered cost structure came into place, but now Wallet will take over and Checkout will be scratched completely.

What does this mean exactly?

Well, Google – being the internet savvy people they are – have written a blog post to help merchants understand the changes.

The general gist of it all is that Checkout will remain operational until November 20th of this year. After that any merchant still using it has to transition to a different service, which shouldn't be too complex as Google has paired up with Braintree, Shopify and Freshbooks.

Google Play developers will also be affected by the change if they're using Google Play or the Chrome Web Store to sell. Luckily it's going to be painless as they'll all be automatically transitioned to the Google Wallet Merchant Centre relatively soon.

What does this mean for your average consumer then?

Well, now more stores, apps, sites and Google properties will be using Google Wallet meaning customers can pay with the service really easily at the push of a button.

Pretty handy, especially as they've made it possible for people to pay one another with Wallet through email.

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