PayPal Sits on Top As Most Popular Mobile Wallet

PayPal Sits on Top As Most Popular Mobile Wallet

Mobile wallets are growing in popularity, with many nations happily adopting mobile payments and contactless technology to aid in its expansion.

However, there are reams of payments apps around and who knows which one is the best fit for the world. Well, according to a report from PriceWaterhouseCooper's PayPal are sitting pretty at the top of the mobile wallet chain.

The results, which come from a survey taken from November 2012 through to January 2013, are representative of a geographically diverse sample of 1,000 men and women aged between 18 and 74.

It's interesting to see how mobile payments will proceed in the future as the VP of Google Wallet has resigned and Visa have managed to integrate into the Samsung Galaxy S4.

Here are the top five mobile wallet and payment platforms, and the gap – or should I say chasm – between PayPal and its competition is certainly fierce.



PayPal Wallet

Customer Awareness: 100%

Customer Usage: 83%

Demographic: Use reasonably evenly across all ages – with a slight skew towards younger users.

Platform: No distinction by OS users.


Google Wallet

Google Wallet

Customer Awareness: 59%

Customer Usage: 9%

Demographic: Even spread across age groups.

Platform: Primarily (66%) Android OS users.


MasterCard PayPass


Customer Awareness: 46%

Customer Usage: 7%

Demographic: Younger age groups make use of this (52% of users being 18-29 in age).

Platform: No distinction by OS users.



Square wallet

Customer Awareness: 40%

Customer Usage: 8%

Demographic: Skewed towards the younger age group – 45% between 18 – 29 and 46% amongst the 30 – 44 bracket.

Platform: No distinction by OS users. by Visa

Customer Awareness: 22%

Customer Usage: 2%

Demographic: No data given

Platform: No data given


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