Kalixa Group Aim to Disrupt Global Payments Market With its New mPOS, e-Wallet Services


The mobile payments market is a steadily growing space with e-Wallets and mPOS services everywhere. However, Kalixa have come onto the scene to – in their words – disrupt the global payments market with their new payments service.

"Most of us don't know that up to ten different companies are involved in making or accepting a single payment, with each one taking a cut and expecting a return," reads the press release. "These ‘faceless middlemen' are adding unnecessary cost, complexity and risk to payments as well as stunting innovation. As retailers are forced to offset these excessive costs, consumers are unknowingly footing the bill without seeing the benefits.

"Consumers and retailers have been exploited by a greedy ecosystem for too long. It is time for change. Kalixa is here to disrupt this scenario. It intends to trim the fat by removing the excess links in the "value" chain to make payments work for everyone rather than the few."

Kalixa's integrated mPOS, e-wallet and acceptance service was revealed on April 10th and due to its full coverage of the payments space, customers only need to deal with one company rather than many to have a simple paying experience.

Do you think that Kalixa’ will be able to truly carve a space for themselves in the payments space?

Are they really going to "disrupt" payments?

Let us know by leaving a comment below.


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