Contactless ATMs Introduced to Poland Thanks to MasterCard, NCR and ING

contactless cards now accepted at ATMs

Contactless Cards and payments are taking off around the world and now Poland is one of the first countries in the world to have adopted contactless ATMs.

Thanks to global technology company NCR Corporation, in association with ING Bank ÅšlÄ…ski and MasterCard, the pilot scheme was launched in November in Katowice and Warsaw. The contactless ATMs allowed customers in Poland to quickly and easily withdraw cash from an ATM without the need to insert their card.

To ensure the contactless system is secure, the ATMs allow for Visa and MasterCard debit contactless cards to activate the users account through touch, but still require the entry of a PIN to access cash withdrawals.

"Introduction of such technology means faster and more convenient transactions for ING Bank customers. It is not only the first installation of this kind in Poland, but also one of the first in the world," said ING Bank Śląski's head of Accounts, Payments and Cards Department, Barbara Borgieł-Cury.

"We want our customer to have access to the most modern, convenient and safest solutions on the market. Contactless and mobile transactions are the future of financial sector development in Poland and around the world.

"ING Bank ÅšlÄ…ski was one of the first institutions in Poland to offer cards with a built-in contactless technology to their customers. And now, with the help of NCR, we are one of the first in the world to offer innovative contactless-card ATM dispense functionality."

The contactless ATM can work so well in Poland as 70 per cent of all cards in the country are equipped with contactless technology.

"A contactless dispense transaction is approximately 25 percent faster than a traditional withdrawal requiring insertion of the card into the card reader," said NCR's vice president of Global Professional Services Ruth Fornell.

"At NCR, we are committed to making every consumer interaction an exceptional experience. This means providing faster and more convenient options backed by our world class security."

The expansion of NFC cards into ATMs means that its becoming widely adopted as a payment method, a sure-fire way to ensure it becomes the norm for payments in the future.

Do you think that a contactless ATM is a smart addition to the banking and payments landscape?

Could we see it expand outwards around the world?

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