Mobile Payments Platform iZettle team up with to Empower 30,000 Tradesmen

iZettle portable mobile payments system teams up with to help empower 30,000 tradesmen

UK mobile payments platform iZettle has teamed up with to provide tradesmen with the means to accept payments on the go.

With a 30,000 strong team of registered tradesmen across the country, has decided that rolling out a trial with iZettle would enable its catalogue of electricians, plumbers, bricklayers, carpenters and other tradesmen to take card payments and expand their work opportunities.

"Finding alternative mobile payment options for our tradesmen is a high priority for us," said's CMO Tariq Dag Khan, "as we know that there is a stigma attached to cash in hand payments, an issue that is unfairly tarnishing the industry.

"As cheques are gradually being phased out too, we are looking for innovating payment solutions that will help build up the trust between tradesmen and their customers. iZettle has a reputation for being a trusted, easy to use service that allows tradesmen to get up and running within minutes – this made them an obvious starting point for us."

By teaming up with iZettle, it also enables tradesmen to manage their cash flow more effectively as they can record when and where POS transactions take place. And, as it's handled by, the tradesmen involved haven't had to pay for the privilege and so only get the pure benefits of the deal.

"Working with a premium service like makes perfect sense for us," said iZettle UK's Managing Director Stewart Roberts. "We are signing up 3,000 users a day to iZettle, a large proportion of which are tradesmen.

"This indicates just how large the demand is for this kind of solution and iZettle is looking forward to working with the community."

The move goes to show just how widely adopted mobile payment platforms and services are becoming as they enable payments to be made almost anywhere in the world.

The trial agreement between and iZettle also gives the device some clout against the arrival of US rival PayPal with their newly designed European PayPal Here mPOS system.

Do you think that this partnership is a good thing for consumers and the mobile payments industry?

Do you think it should have come about sooner than it has?

Let us know by sounding off with your thoughts in the comments below. You can also cast your vote in a poll for what you feel will be the next big payments platform.


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