America’s Girl Scouts Accept mPOS Payments for Their Cookies Thanks to PayAnywhere

Girl Scout Cookies now available with mobile point of sale devices

mPOS units may have just gotten the wide adoption rate they desire in the US thanks to the American Girl Scouts adopting it as a way for consumers to purchase their cookies.

Due to how the American Girl Scouts secure revenue through door-to-door sales of cookies, products and services, the announcement that PayAnywhere will be supporting them with mPOS devices is a strong case for why some larger organisations may well want to adopt the portable payment method.

PayAnywhere say that its app and credit card reader have been deployed across California, Kansas, Illinois and Arizona.

The initial adoption was announced in October, but since then five additional Girl Scout councils have taken up PayAnywhere as it's mobile payments device of choice.

The decision to accept mobile payments means that America's Girl Scouts should be able to acquire more sales of their products as it does away with the excuse of not having any cash available when the Girl Scouts call.

“Collectively these councils represented more than $50 million in cookie sales in 2012,” said PayAnywhere's VP of sales Gene Schenberg. “By putting the easy-to-use PayAnywhere app and reader in the capable hands of Girl Scouts in these councils we hope to help improve their sales volumes by as much as 50 percent.

"The boost these councils will see in their cookie sales will be immediate and PayAnywhere is poised to scale the same success to the more than 100 Girl Scout councils across the U.S. in the future.”

Like many other mPOS devices on the market, PayAnywhere works by putting a card reader into the audio jack of smartphones and tablets to turn it into a payment device when used with its counterpart app.

Do you think this widespread adoption by America's Girl Scouts shows how widely accessible people see mPOS devices?

Is this a sure-fire sign of the future for payments?

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