Download: How will smart technologies enhance your customer’s experience?


With changing consumer trends, all businesses need to keep pace with, not just the needs, but also, the wants of consumers. Gone are the days when you could simply just sell your products through traditional means. Today's consumers want information at the touch of a button. Convenience, interactivity and security in the purchase process is becoming increasingly important – and evolving smart technologies have enabled just that.

We spoke to 9 leading players who provide a range of diverse technology solutions for all industries. They include leading companies such as V2Pay, NXP Semiconductors, Datacard Group, Intel, Zebra Technologies, Nagra ID Security, Sony Corporation, CSAM and UL Transaction Security. They shared with us how their technology would enhance the experience for customers of today with convenience and security, thereby increasing the ability to engage with them effectively.

From virtual cards, contactless technologies, mobile wallets, IoT solutions, secure payments and transaction systems to nfc-enabled smart devices – these solutions are built for the sophisticated customer of today! We hope you enjoy reading this e-book and let us know what you think.

You can download the ebook for free here!

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