POLL: Will Cards Ever Be Replaced?

Credit Card Payments, are they the future? We ask in a Poll

As we move forward in the payments space, will the card ever be replaced as a viable method of payment?

We're conducting a poll over on LinkedIn and would love for you to join in the discussion.

We'll publish the results on here next month, but for now just head on over to the Total Payments LinkedIn group page and get voting!

Do you think that NFC holds more weight that chip & pin?

Are mobile payments the way forward?

Let us know by voting in the poll and commenting either below, or over on our LinkedIn page.


The future of payments is always up for debate as it's practically anyone's game right now. To be sure that you're up to date with the emerging nations and technologies within the payments space, attend Cards & Payments Asia 2013. The brochure is free to download, so you've got no excuse!

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