PayPal Here Reaches Thousands of Japanese Small Businesses

PayPal Here Mobile Payment device hits Japan

On Tuesday PayPal announced that PayPal Here – their mobile payments device – had hit over 2,700 SoftBank retail stores in Japan.

This is a very big deal for PayPal, who were quite pleased to announce their strong roll out in the Far Eastern island region, as 90 per cent of Japanese business comes from the small business sector – which also accounts for 70 per cent of employment in the nation. As you can see, this is a huge sector for PayPal to capitalise upon.

In fact, it's reported that of the 4.2 million small business in the nation, 80 per cent of them don't accept credit card transactions in any form. Naturally this means that PayPal stand to make a killing in the region by making the most of a nation who thrive to embrace modern technology.

PayPal also announced that Here is now available for Android in Japan, meaning that it's no longer down to iOS device owning sellers to make purchases.

"We've worked hard to be the first to make this type of simple, secure mobile payment solution widely available in Japan", said PayPal's VP of Asia Rohan Mahadevan. "We've listened closely to the needs of the local business community to make PayPal Here more useful for them.

"And we're thrilled to support thousands of small business owners all over Japan – retail shops, F&B outlets, and service-related businesses – to more easily offer cashless payment options anytime, anywhere to their customers and never have to miss a sale again."

The news comes not long after the roll out of PayPal Here into Europe – which also saw a redesign of the card reader to support chip & pin cards.

Do you think the move into Japan was a smart one by PayPal?

Could this be little more than a stopgap for small business as they move onto accepting fully mobile payments?

Leave your  thoughts by commenting below.


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  1. mParker

    I think Japanese consumers won’t like PayPal Here, because of its bad reputation when it comes to security, service, and credit card management. I wish mPowa ( or Square would have gone to Japan instead.

    1. Author

      PayPal have a rather stringent security protocol though. With fraud rates as low as credit cards do. It’s also far more established than payments services like mpowa or Square, so they could afford to make the move over – where as those companies may have not been able to.

      With as large a market as there is in Japan, I’m sure there’s room for more than one mobile payments service.

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