Britons Spend £234m In Mobile Payments On Mobile and Online Games

Britons spend £234m in mobile payments with mobile money providers

Britons spent a whopping  £234m in mobile payments on mobile games alone, according to MCV's annual look at the games market in the UK.

The number comes as part of a recent data collation from leading market trackers and analysts who worked out that Britons as a whole had spent a hulking £2.892 billion on video games.

So, why should you find this interesting?

Well, that £234 million that was spent on mobile games alone, that all comes from the world of in-app purchases and micro-transactions – meaning that it's all down to mobile money and mobile payment solutions like Google Wallet and Apple's App Store Wallet.

It's a staggering amount of money that passes through their pockets, even if they do only take a percentage slice in the process.

Clearly mobile games are a lucrative market, rife with opportunity for mobile wallet and payment companies.

The figure also represents an increase in 48% year-on-year after 2011 rolled in an impressive £158m in mobile gaming payments.

Online games also saw a boost up by 25 per cent year on year to £655m.

This means that in 2012, 45p in every £1 was spent on online or mobile games. A lucrative market indeed.


Do you think that mobile games and the mobile space of in-app purchases is still an untapped market by many?

Is there even room for another provider to move in and aid in app and online purchases as a mobile payments provider?

Let us know your thoughts by commenting below.


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