Samsung Unveil Wallet, a New Card Management App on Android

samsung wallet

Samsung produce Wallet, a digital hold-all for your cards on your phone.

Announced on Wednesday at the Mobile World Congress, Samsung's new app is a one-stop solution for all your digital card carrying needs, along with tickets, boarding passes and coupons.

It's a similar system to that of Apple's Passbook system for iOS – as noted by The Verge – as it allows users to receive alerts detailing when they can use passes and gives real-time updates on membership points and any travel plan changes.

What's really interesting about this technology coming to the Android market via Samsung's Wallet, is that it allows third-party developers to integrate effortlessly with Wallet – allowing them to add new tickets and passes to the device. A perfect way to help with improving membership card opportunities or increasing the availability of rewards for purchases.

What's rather peculiar about the inclusion of Samsung Wallet, or more likely what's excluded from Wallet, is the ability to make NFC card payments – especially after Samsung and Visa made an announcement about the inclusion of PayWave in all Samsung Galaxy S4 phones.

Samsung's reasoning for why they didn't support NFC with Wallet?

They felt that retailers preferred barcodes over NFC features as they didn't have to upgrade their systems to accept it.

A fair argument, but also a strange one after their inclusion of PayWave. Two steps forward, one step back perhaps?

You can take a look at the announcement of Wallet, along with some of its features being detailed, in the video below.

Do you believe Wallet is a worthy addition to the mobile payments landscape?

Is it an already dated piece of technology for retailers, developers and card manufacturers to take notice of?

Let us know how you feel by commenting below.


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