American Express and Twitter launch pay-with-a tweet service in the US

Amex Sync, as it is called, will allow users to pay for a range of items using a hashtag.

Users first link their Amex card to their twitter account via the Amex app. An initial tweet starts the sales process, then the sale is confirmed with another tweet.

Bryan Roberts, Director of retail insight at Kantar retail is sceptical:

“It seems to be technology for technology’s sake,” he told the BBC.

“The advances in payment technology that are going to win in the long run are the ones that make shoppers’ lives easier or quicker.

“This seems to tick neither box, so it’s a nice marketing gimmick but it won’t go much beyond that.”


What do you think? Is this a gimmick? Does it reduce friction in ecommerce? Is there hardly any friction anyway?


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