5 key predictions for the payment industry in 2013 that other people have made (and we like)

There's been a lot of this about, so we thought we'd digest. Here are the 5 key predictions for the payment industry in 2013:

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1. QR codes will be the gateway to mobile payment adoption

"QR codes will be a path to mobile commerce, serving as a true gateway for consumers to mobile payments."

Laura Marriott, CEO, NeoMedia Technologies
(But she would)


2. Visa and Mastercard will dominate the mobile commerce space.

Who will dominate the mobile payment/commerce space?

The surprising answer being the old school, Visa/Mastercard.
“Startups like Square are doing more to disrupt the payments space than some of the established players. The only exception is PayPal, which has so far been able to create good distance with the competitors. Microsoft has surprisingly been absent in a critical space.”

3.There will be a boom in prepaid cards:

"Ultimately, the Mercator Advisory Group's projection that consumers will load $117 billion onto prepaid cards in 2013 might therefore prove to be low."
From Cardhub
From Business News Daily


4. Will the mobile wallet reign in 2013?
Why the mobile wallet will reign supreme in 2013 (see what I did there)
No it won’t.

"The market is simply too fragmented, there are still too many security concerns, and the requisite infrastructure is not yet in place for merchants to accept smartphone-based payments. Besides, it’s frustrating enough now to have your cell battery run out. Are we really ready to also be left walletless?"


5.EMV won’t make it:

According to Karen Webster of PYMNTS, the majority of US merchants aren't going to make the 2015 deadline for the shift in liability for fraud:

"Yes, I know that there is a liability shift expected in 2015, but that date will shift since there is no earthly way that merchants in the US will be able to comply – and there's precedent everywhere in the world for that to happen."

that's bold stuff (but not really, they didn't make the deadline in most territories) But, crucially:

"This also means that the future of NFC in the US will remain uncertain, since there won't be a critical mass of terminals at merchants for some time to come."


For more on the future of payments, take a look here

Any of this strike a chord? What are your predictions for payments in 2013? Let us know below…


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