3 European payment industry disruptors that were news to me…


Smart Transactions Group

Formed as merger between next generation payment network sQuid and leading ITSO transport provider ACT, STG is one of the fastest growing private technology companies in the UK, and was ranked 49th in the 2011 Sunday Times Microsoft Tech Track 100 league table.

"Group initiatives include rolling out ‘Pay As You Go’ travel purses, integrated transit/eMoney cards, NFC and smart phone-based applications and the development of low cost solutions for the developing world. Rewards is also an area of opportunity for the group, bringing smart loyalty schemes to millions of card and mobile account holders."




E-commerce has always had the disadvantage that you are required to pay for your goods before seeing them.Klarna fronts the money for the transaction, and you have up to 14 days to confirm the purchase.It provieds online credit based on behavioural data, rather than traditional credit scoring.

"In a physical store, you always have the chance to touch and feel your goods before you pay for them. We believe it should not be any different online. That's why when you shop with Klarna, you always get your goods first and then pay afterwards. Ensuring you always receive what you ordered and you never need to pay for something you haven't got your hands on yet."




Counting Groupon, Badoo, Vodafone and Photobox amongst it's online client base, Adyen offers a single-platform approach to all it's different payment channels:

“Independent of whether you submit online, mobile or face-to-face payments. There is one reliable back-office serving you. One unified reporting tool for all sales channels. Adyen integrates directly with the relevant payment schemes for maximum efficiency. There are no 3rd parties, holding up the flow of information. It's simple: we cut down the confusion, you gain a stable and efficient payments platform.”

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