Is Photo check depositing the way forward for Africa?


A cheque is quite simply a piece of paper that allows the bearer to withdraw a sum of money from your account with your consent. it is one of the most simple ways of paying someone for something, yet the implications of storing this little piece of paper according to the regulations for transactions made it costly and an admin nightmare for the banks.  Now we can simply download an app where we can essentially store the image for the bank and with draw money all at the same time, without having to go to the bank… a real time saver for all parties involved.


How apps work

State how much the check is for, and take photos of the front and back and wait for the funds to be released.

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This is how the banks overseas are working – do we have the infrastructure to run this facility here in SA?

                                                           – do we have a need for an app like this?

                                                           – who would assist African banks to facilitate it this on their back end?

Systems like this would help banks move away from the tradition Retail Bank to reduce the cost of maintain a branch.


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  • Benchmarking against competitors.

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